Mise à jour du 28 avril


Une mise à jour sera en cours dès 12h00 heure de Paris, pour une durée indéterminée par daybreak (env 3 heures max je pense). Voici la liste des mises à jour concernées:

  • Added decay to rabbit traps. They will decay in about 2 and a half days.
  • Moonshine should now be correctly named.
  • Metal bar bulk has been reduced to 25 down from 50.
  • The crafting radius of Workbenches have been reduced slightly.
  • Borscht will now stack.
  • Repairing vehicles with a wrench should now work more reliably. The amount repaired is now based on a percentage of max condition rather than current condition.
  • Happy Face Boots and Skin names are now consistent.
  • Deer Scent will now last for 10 minutes rather than 18 seconds.
  • The timer for eating blackberries was reduced to half a second instead of 1 second.
  • A new recipe called « Handful of Blackberries” has been added which allows you to combine 10 blackberries. When eaten they will give you exactly what you would have gotten if you had eaten the blackberries separately.
  • Added scrap metal as a reward when you eat canned food.
  • Punji Sticks can now be damaged on PVE servers when not on a Foundation.
  • The All-In-One Cold Medicine description has been updated to indicate it only slows, not reduces the amount of H1Z1 virus level rate.
  • Rigged Lighting should now work more persistently.
  • A bug which prevented a stick from turning into coal has been resolved.
  • Biofuel which was not despawning after an explosion should now despawn.
  • Landmines that explode when being shot have a longer explosion animation.
  • Quest items spawning in the military base have been replaced with wearable items.
  • Office Cabinets should now properly appear in the inventory screen.
  • Picking up the Wasteland Helmet should no longer play the picking up ammo audio.
  • Charcoal should now burn the proper 40 minutes.
  • The His Regards machete first person attacks should be improved.
  • The Woodland Ghillie Suit boots now have the correct texture.
  • Modified AK47 with Toxic skin can now be repaired
  • EZW crate will now drop in the game
  • Players can drop the Modded AK-47 from their weapons slot
  • Animals should now give meat and fat when killed with a Fire Axe.
  • The Makeshift Bow can now be repaired reliably.

Je n’ai pas le temps de faire une traduction complète mais quelques maj notable:

  • Le charbon ne chauffera plus à l’infini mais seulement 40 min
  • Nouvelle caisse de skin
  • Un metal bar prends 25 de place au lieu de 50
  • Dans la base militaire, nous auront droit qu’à des items vestimentaires